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Pressure Washing Services

High Powered Pressure Washing
for Residential & Commercial

Having your home cleaned by a pressure washer not only significantly improves your house’s look, but it also increases its value and appeals to the eye. Pressure washing is the absolute method of choice in dealing with dirt, mold, discoloration and environmental pollutants that have accumulated on your household surface.

Whether you need to have your balcony cleaned or your driveway polished, we do it exceptionally well and efficiently. We always want our clients to be fully pleased with our service; we seek customer satisfaction in everything we do!

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We are fully insured, with responsible and reliable professionals who are trained in the proper safety techniques to protect you from any risk or liability. Let us put our experience to work for you today.

We offer commercial pressure washing services with our fully equipped tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to give the ultimate impression to your outer business look.

With pressure washing, you get a brilliant way to add years of life to the appearance of your property. We also give you the chance to eliminate anything that resembles dirt, contributes to rotting, decay and aging of coatings around what needs pressure cleaning.

Here is an outline of what customers looking for our services should encounter when considering pressure washing at their property:

Whenever your commercial premises need initial pressure cleaning before first use or after some renovation procedures, we are available to help you get cleaned up with our highly qualified staff at our disposal. We give you the benefit of having both hot and cold water pressure cleaning using our industrial surface cleaners, wands that are pressure controlled and biodegradable detergents. We schedule our work to be performed during hours when there is minimum disruption. Our initial pressure cleaning services are available to all property and facility managers, restaurants, government facilities and much more.

We perform Commercial Initial Pressure cleaning on:

  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Buildings exteriors
  • Parking and garages
  • Storefronts
  • New constructions etc.
  • Concrete cleaning and restoration

It is one of the most common types of surfaces found in industrial premises. Cleaning the for the first time, cement will call for pressure washing in combination with chemical cleaning so as to remove the stains and other forms of irregularities on the cement surfaces. The restoration can be performed depending on the client’s specifications.

Our concrete cleaning services have beautiful results, in the end, enhancing the expected street appeal. This is one area that we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Stone cleaning

Our stone initial pressure cleaning service incorporates an appropriate amount of pressure with careful chemical cleaning techniques, in order to effectively clean the stones and present the architect’s desired appearance. High or low-pressure techniques can be deployed to address what the stone in question needs.

We have great experience in stone cleaning and various references to count on – all combined to give the necessity of stone cleaning. Our staff has what it takes to approach every demanding situation with the required expertise. When working on high-rise stone pressure cleaning, we take a variety of factors into consideration like over spraying and the safety of passersby.

Car Park and Parking Garage initial pressure cleaning

Regardless of the area under consideration, we will do the initial pressure cleaning for you, whether it’s a two-bay or 100 bay multilevel parking base.

We have the needed equipment for the job, products, and the knowledge to get the work done right, once and for all. Our initial pressure cleaning services are in line with the health and safety requirements dictated by the law. We use eco-friendly chemicals for the parking deck cleaning, which gives us the capability to remove all the stubborn sticky substances without having to make the environment unbearable. We also help you with concrete sealers to help keep the concrete in shape and prevent it from stains, making it easy to clean up regularly.

We have everything you need when considering us as the ultimate partner to conquer initial pressure cleaning at your commercial building. For efficient and expert commercial initial pressure cleaning services, get in touch with us and you will not be disappointed. We are happy to answer any ambiguity and also offer you appropriate advice and affordable prices for the service.